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Helpful tips

Lash Extensions Care Instructions

  • Immediately upon leaving your appointment with certified NovaLash stylist you can shower, swim, go in the sauna, or do hot yoga
  •  Use clean Lash by Novalash, 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser, & conditioner system  to cleanse lashes free of makeup and other debris every night. The pads a saturated with pomegranate seed oil moisturize and condition extension so they remain radiant and flexible
  • Use the Lash wand to brush your extensions every morning and night to reduce tangling and flipping of the lashes.
  • Avoid the use of cleansers and eye makeup removers that contain solvent-like ingredients such as glycols and carbonates as they can reduce the  wear time of your new lashes.
  •  Avoid pulling, picking, or twisting lash extensions. This can cause damage to natural lashes and may lead to premature shedding of your lashes.
  • Curling of Novalash Eyelash Extensions s not recommend. The extensions com pre-curled so additional curling is not necessary and doing so may shorten the lifespan o the extensions.
  • Use only Mascara by Novalash on your lash Extensions to blend in the natal lashes with extensions when a touch- up appointment I needed. This water- soluble, hypoallergenic formula was developed specially for us with Novalash Eyelash Extensions. Waterproof mascara should not be used
  • To extend the life of your lashes its recommended to come in for touch-ups every 3-5 weeks

Enjoy your beautiful new look


Helpful Tips for your Spray Tan

 We will advise you how long you have to wait before you can shower. Some solutions take 2 hours to fully develop, others 12. The average is about 5-6 hours. Some people choose to keep theirs on overnight and showering in the morning. When you shower the first time, you might think that all your tan is being washed away, but it is only the bronzer. The real tan has developed in the top layer of your skin and a shower will not remove it.

  • For the whole duration of your tan avoid long, hot showers or baths. Quick, cool showers are fine. Pat your skin dry as opposed to vigorous rubbing.
  • Your tan's best friend is a moisturizer. Use it morning and night as the tan has to stay plastered to your skin. Dry skin flakes off easily taking the tan with it. We have a vast variety of after tan moisturizers in clinic, available all the time.
  • Tan extenders are also available in the salon, they contain a small about of tan mixed in with moisturizer, very helpful for an even fade out of the tan and to minimise tan blotchiness.
  • Want the tan completely gone? Use a body scrub or exfoliation mitt, all available in clinic. Or get a wax!
  • The most important thing - make sure that you stay away from the sun. Just because your skin is now brown, it does not mean that it is protected from getting burned in any way. Your skin has not developed any melanin and is just as vulnerable to sunburn as if you would be lily white.  IF you go out in the sun - wear 30+ sunscreen!

If you follow those simple steps for spray tan care, you will enjoy your flawless tan for quite a few days.


After you wax..

Between waxes - skincare maintenance and ingrown hairs...

**TIMING! TIMING! TIMING!  Because of the essential timing in getting the hair to grow back at the same rate, if you wax too early, the hair will grow back too early. Be patient! 
***DO NOT SHAVE BETWEEN WAXES.  One, this completely defeats the purpose of waxing, and two, you're allowing your hair the chance to all grow at the same rate. If you allow your hair to get to the same growth rate, all of the hair is able to be waxed, thus all your hair will stay gone longer. AND DO NOT SHAVE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR WAX. 
If you follow those simple steps, you will enjoy waxing. For 24 hours after any waxing or until ALL redness has subsided:
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure.
  • Avoid deodorant for underarm waxing.
  • Avoid cosmetics and perfumes for facial waxing.
  • Avoid chemical peels for one week after your wax.
  • Avoid exercise as sweating and oils can clog pores and disrupt the healing process.
  • Take only lukewarm baths and showers as heat can cause more irritation to the already sensitive skin.
  • For any bikini waxing, no heavy petting until the redness subsides. Friction causes irritation and inflammation